Wednesday, October 29, 2008

$1.36 a gallon!!!

We can dream can't we? This is a shot I got at an old abandoned store in Tishomingo County, Ms. I was taking shots of the store and decided I had better get one of the gas price too. It goes to show how long since the store has been in operation. Gas prices are falling, thank goodness, just not this low!

Dan & I are making good progress with the embroidery machine. Danielle has been a blessing to us as she has figured out a lot about the computer program and then taught us.

I mailed my Outdoor Alabama photos yesterday. Keep your fingers crossed that at least one of the six places in the contest. My shots included 2 gulf fritillary butterflies, one praying mantis, one bumble bee, the foot bridge at Rock Springs on the Natchez Trace and of course the "award winning" mushroom. I entered the mushroom in the "wild flora" category. Just between us it is not a plant. Nor is it an animal. It is just fungi! I contacted a mushroom expert via email to get a scientific name for my mushroom. The website said feel free to email and ask for an ID but it might take 2 to 3 weeks for a reply as the "expert" is very busy. You can imagine how shocked I was when I got a reply the very next day. He wanted to know where the picture was taken in the US and in what type of area as he had been researching and tracking this particular mushroom, the amanita thiersii. I responded and told him we lived in the northwest corner of Alabama and the mushroom was growing in the horse pasture. I took my shots to mother and daddy's when I picked them up so they could see them before I mailed them. Mother's favorite is the foot bridge shot! Check out my Flickr Photostream [link on the left] to see these shots and more.

Next contest is the Wildlife Wilderness Week in Pigeon Forge, Tn. Still have some logistics to work out on this one though.

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