Monday, October 6, 2008

Oh, What a Beautiful Bride!

Saturday, Kelly and I went to Rome, Ga for the wedding of Katie Bandy and Jordan Southern. It was one more beautiful wedding. It was held at the Proctor Farm in Rome. It was the perfect setting for a western wedding. The weather was beautiful, the food was great and the bride never quit smiling. I was so glad we went and were able to share this important day with Katie and Jordan. They make the cutest couple. I wish them many, many happy years together.

Karen, Katie's mom, the youngest and best looking Mother of the Bride ever!

The Bandy Klan.
Dennis, Karen, Katie, Jordan, Allyssa and Ben

Dennis and Karen. Dennis held it all together until he and Katie had their dance. He is such a sweet daddy and Katie is the light of his world!

Kelly, Dennis and Karen.

One of my favorite cake eating shots of all time!

Ain't this sweet!

These four cowgirls are definitely out of their element.... they usually have on jeans and boots and have ropes in their hands. But don't they look good?
Whitney, Brandy, Jill & Kelly

How about a Bride, her bridesmaids and her mom dancing on the bar? Do these gals know how to have fun or what? Karen said if she made it through the night she would dance on the bar, she was true to her word! The crowd loved it!
This is why Karen is such a good friend, she ain't afraid to have a little fun!


  1. Kay is my hero, a true friend and saved the day with her handy work on the cake. Wasn't that cake beautiful? Thanks to a crew of good friends that saved the day. My love to you.

  2. Those pictures look great! That was a fun day...we need to have a reunion where we can just visit and not have to decorate and dress up!