Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy!

That's been our weekend! Friday, Mother had her colonoscopy and got a good report. We were there and back home by 9 am. Dan and Bradly and Joe left about 12:30 and Danielle and I were in charge. We stayed busy all afternoon. Before Dan left I walked down to the credit union to make a deposit and who should come driving up by my Daddy. The one who swore he was through driving. When he saw me he kinda did a double take then I said, "caught you didn't I?" He just laughed. When we closed I headed downtown to Legends and got Mother, Daddy and myself some supper. Brought it out to Mother & Daddy's and we had a nice meal together. Daddy's insistance on driving again has us all upset. He thinks it will be okay to drive close by the house...... he was 2 blocks from home when he totaled the car.
Saturday we went to Decaturville, Tn to a barrel race. Didn't win a darn thing but had a good time anyway. It was good to see some ole buddies that I haven't seen in a while. Dan was pretty tired since he got home Sat. morning at 3am and got up at 6am to feed and go to the store. We got home from Decaturville about 1am after driving around Savannah, Tn for an hour looking for Diesel! Never a dull moment!
Sunday was catch up day at home, doing those projects that we'd been putting off. Ned and Kelly came down in the afternoon and we went to Russelville to meet a fellow with a horse trailer for sale that they were interested in. They bought it.
Monday morning Ned, Kelly and I headed for Ken's Sewing Center to purchase our new Embroidery/Monogramming machine. It's really nice. Ned & Kelly put everything together and put it through it's paces. It is soooo cool. I did one item myself and will work with it more today. It's a lot to learn and my brain could explode before I "get it". We're hoping this will add a new dimension to our "awards" business. And we look forward to doing some cool items for sale and custom orders for our clients. We never left Shamrock until 5:45 pm last night. Ned and Kelly had to unload their old trailer and put all their stuff in the new trailer and then get their horses. I don't think they got gone 'til well after 7pm. Bradly and his folks had come over so Bradly could help Dan ride the horses they traded for over the weekend. We came in the house about 9pm, ate supper, watched "Dancing with the Stars" and went to bed!
That's my weekend update.....stay tuned for an embroidery machine update. Don't bother listening for a loud explosion when my brain blows up....it won't be that loud! LOL

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