Thursday, October 16, 2008

WW update and more......

WW was a dissapointment today. I gained the 1/2 pound that I lost last week. Bummer! I'm blaming it on the antibiotics, I'm on day 16 of antibiotics with 9 more days to go. Double Bummer! The weight gain culprit may be that we are eating supper at 9:30 and 10 o'clock every night. Tonight we got in early and ate at about 8:30, the earliest this week. Anyway I have had a serious talk with myself and have vowed to do better this week! Hold me to it!

I'm still learning the ins and outs of the PR 620. My brain is still intact, I think. There is a lot of info to learn and my ability to process new info is dwindling fast

I signed up for the Comcast "triple play" for businesses. We will be getting high speed internet, phone service and basic cable tv for $99 per month. I hope it's as good a deal as it sounds like.
I went to the computer store down the road that I have used from time to time and they have a refurbished desktop pc that I will be picking up Sat. It will be used solely for embroidery programs. I am excited about having high speed internet and plan to do my blogging during the day from the store. We will also be able to do more with online sales. When we change over to Comcast phone service we will illiminate our toll free number but will be available through email. . I kinda feel like we are being transported into the 21st century. Not bad seeing how we're almost a decade into the new century! I did 2 potholders today with a horsehead on 'em. Dan assured me at that rate we'll be wealthy in no time flat! LOL
Hope to have shots of some of my embroidery work tomorrow, check back!

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  1. we really need an update...Slacker!