Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mormon Missionairies

This summer we had the privilege of meeting two very fine young men. Elder Shaffer [left] and Elder Bybee [right]. They are Mormon Missionairies doing their mission in Alabama.
One day this summer they came in the store and we were visiting when Elder Shaffer noticed Dan's T-shirt. He was wearing his DNCFR shirt from Pocotella, Idaho. Elder Shaffer asked us if we had ever been to Pocotella. We told him about going out to watch Matt rope there and he said he always goes because it is close to his home. They started coming in about once a week to visit. One day we got to talking about the PBR and bucking bulls. Elder Shaffer said that was his plan when his mission was over, he would like to raise bucking bulls. Needless to say we enjoyed talking to these guys. Yesterday they came in for Elder Shaffer to say Goodbye! He has been transfered to Birmingham. Bummer. He will be a Zone Leader in B'ham. Elder Bybee will still be in Florence and will continue to come by. We hate to see Elder Shaffer leave but are so impressed that they feel he is ready to become a zone leader. If you don't know, Mormon young men and women have the option to go on a two year mission to anywhere in the world the elders decide to send them. It was hilarious hearing what their reactions were when they found out they were going to Alabama! They can email their families once a week but only talk to them on the phone at Christmas and Mother's Day. They do a lot of maturing while on mission. We took pics with my camera and his camera. We gave him instructions to keep in touch! We wish him all the best in everything he does!

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