Wednesday, October 8, 2008

2009 Honda Accord in Red

Monday, daddy and I went to the Honda dealership to see about replacing the car he totaled. Mother didn't feel well so we went without her. She knew she wanted another accord and wanted a red one like she had. First off the Accords have changed their body style, they are bigger now with an entirely different dash. The color has changed too. The red is a darker red. They didn't have one on the lot so we drove a gun metal grey one out to the house for mother to look at and drive around the block. They also had an '07 Accord that was pretty much just like their '04 except it was WHITE! Wrong color!!! She wouldn't even talk about a white one. She had already decided what she wanted. Pat came by before we took the car back and he went back over to the dealership with us. After some negotiating our salesman said he could get a red one by Wednesday. We told him we would be back then. The rental car had to be back today too. Pat planned to come to the dealership when he got off work. We all met there at 4 pm and by 5:30 mother & daddy were the proud owners of a brand new red '09 Honda Accord with tan interior. It is a beautiful car but I don't know if we will ever figure out all of the bells and whistles! The owners manual came with "cliff notes". Daddy was telling the finance man that this was the 3rd car he had bought from them. He asked, "how long did you keep the other cars?" I told him daddy kept 'em 'til he wrecked 'em. Everybody laughed except daddy. hhhmmmm. I should have taken pictures of the new car and I will tomorrow. Tomorrow we go to the courthouse to transfer the tags from the old car to the new car. I think we will go by the Kennedy-Douglas Art Center and look at the 2008 winners of the "outdoor Alabama" photo contest. I plan to enter a few shots this year for the '09 contest.
Friday morning is when we go to the hospital [at 6:30 am] for mother's colonoscopy.
Saturday is the first barrel race for the "winter series" at Decaturville, Tn. This goes through March. Nov. 1st is the first barrel race for the "winter series" at Iron City, Tn. This series goes through April. I'm not sure about Dan but I am glad the barrel races that we go to are starting up again.
Tomorrow is weigh in day at Weight Watchers. I admit,I'm dreading it....I don't think I lost any weight this week. I will report in one way or the other. I'm still on antibiotics and will be for quite a while, they do slow down weight loss don't they? Or is that just a theory I hatched in my own brain? Check back for an update......

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