Sunday, October 26, 2008

What A Weekend....

It was definitely a busy one. We were very busy at the store Saturday morning. Dan was sewing on patches for a biker, I was embroidering names on jackets and we were selling a saddle all at the same time! Saturday afternoon we went to Decaturville, Tn to the barrel race I won the 3d in the adult and didn't do anything in the open.

Kelly has started a new adventure and is selling Premier Jewelry. She got her kit with all her display jewelry in it Saturday. She brought it to the barrel race and we had a ball looking at all the beautiful jewelry! This stuff is really nice and is priced great too. My buddy April is having a show November 16th. I have already picked out what I plan to buy at her show! Having a show is a great way to earn free jewelry and I expect April will be getting quite a bit of cool jewelry. If you are interested in hosting a party contact Kelly at [There are several options including having a catalog party.] Or, if you would like to look at a catalog and order some nice jewelry let her know and she can get you fixed up.

Dan had a rough day today and unloaded 415 bales of hay. All but about the last 100 he did by himself. Our good buddy Joe came by when he got off duty and helped finish the last load. We thought we had a couple of young boys lined up to come and help, but they didn't show up. Dan can still work a lot of younger men into the ground. I'm proud of my 52 year old husband. He is one tough fellow!! He said the satisfaction came from knowing we have plenty of hay to get us through until next year.

Tomorrow will be cold and blustery with a chance of frost Monday night. I got our oil filled radiator heaters out today and cleaned them up, we may need them this week!! This is shaping up to be a busy week at Shamrock, can't wait to embroidery some sweatshirts. Hope to have some shots of my handiwork later in the week.

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