Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bummed out about American Idol!

Did you watch last night? If you did then you know why I am sooo bummed out about it! Jamar Rogers SHOULD NOT, I repeat, SHOULD NOT have been sent home! No way. No how. And furthermore Tatianna the Whiner/Giggler SHOULD NOT, I repeat, SHOULD NOT have been allowed to move on the the actual "America Votes" competition! Ihave nothing against Norman/Nick, but come on, is he more talented than Jamar? No way. No how. I could go on forever but you get my drift.... I'm not happy about the outcome. For all you famous recording moguls that read my blog (I'm sure there are many) go ahead and give Jamar a record deal. I'll buy a CD! Or two! Jamar's best friend Danny Gokey did make the cut. I'm glad he's very talented too.

The embroidery machine has been going wide open today! I have a couple of things I want to do for myself but I can't seem to get my stuff in line!

I joined "Facebook" yesterday! If you're already on there mark me as your friend. I couldn't believe how many friends I had on there. It is a fun way to keep in touch!

Barrel Race this Saturday at Decaturville, Tn. The weather looks good, Ned & Kelly will be going and Mary will be coming down with a friend. Matt has a horse sale to auctioneer in Wyoming, Il.
We'll have a good time I'm sure!!

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