Monday, February 9, 2009

27 Days ! and counting......

That's right, 27 days until one of my favorite holidays....Daylight Savings Time Begins!!! Yipppeeeee!
We have already noticed the days are getting longer and warmer. We were in the 70's Saturday & Sunday and will be in the seventies today and tomorrow!! My kind of February!
The very large bush outside the store is already blooming. Buttercups should be up and blooming soon! I absolutely love it! Get those cameras ready for some great spring shots! For those of you in the winter weather climates still....sorry 'bout your luck! You are welcome to come for a visit! Okay, as I'm writing this I am praying that the weather gods don't look down on me with disdain at my cockiness about our great weather and send a February blizzard!
I have added a new favorite places, to your left. It is Digital Photo Pros. This is a relatively new site that has been up less than a year. This is an all purpose site that caters to pros and hobbyist alike with info on just about any kind of photography question. Check it out and join up! I've been sneak peeking at all the baby photography posts. Getting ideas! OOOOhing and AAAhing over all the little bundles of joy!
Kelly and I went to a baby shower yesterday for Angie and Ronnie Hill. Their little bundle of joy, Trevor Lee, will be here in early April. They hit the baby shower jackpot! So many neat gifts I just couldn't take it all in! I'm sure they will have a great time going through and looking at everything a hundred times before Trevor gets here!
This is one of my first spring photos, enjoy!

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