Monday, February 23, 2009

Winter Is For The Birds!

That's what my sweatshirt says that I'm wearing right now! I believe it with all my heart. My shirt actually has a picture of 3 penquins in hats, scarves and ear muffs and the caption reads, "winter is for the birds". Don't you just love it? The saying, not winter.

I read a lot of other blogs, photography, family, cowgirl stuff and even blogs from people I don't know if I stumble upon them. Several blogs feature recipes. I am always amazed at people that really cook supper from ....what is the word... scratch? You see Dan & I are more like spaghetti with prego sauce (We do add hamburger meat of course) and grilled cheese sandwiches (we use real butter) and anything that we can open cans or frozen stuff and dump it into a pot! Sometimes I go all out and make a skillet of corn bread, but my gosh anybody can make corn bread. So someday soon I think I'm going to have a blog entry featuring one of my meals. Oh yea, I'll take pictures of the ingredients and give you detailed instructions on how I prepared the fantabulous meal! I just have to decide which of my 5 recipes I'll use. I know you can't wait for that and that alone is enough to get you checking back daily to see if that may be the day!

I have spent most of today working on my website. (Between doing embroidery orders.) You see I had one page for awards & gifts. This page became so large that I was afraid if you didn't have hi-speed you'd never, ever get it downloaded. So I divided everything up into separate pages. Whew! It was more time consuming than I anticipated....But it is done for now and I like the result. At least I like it today, tomorrow I may change my mind. Check it out and let me know what you think there is a contact page. Here are a few random shots from the site. Enjoy!

This is a halter Dan made for one of the horses that is going to the performance horse sale. It is embroidery on white horse hair!

This is the coolest backpack ever! It has more compartments than you can shake a stick at and the bottom is an insulated cooler! We ordered it for our friend Shyanne and we put her name and a barrel racer design on it.

Body Backpack! Hot new item that I had to have. I put my monogram on this one so it is mine now! It makes a great overnight bag.

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