Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Best Job in the World

Below is an email from my cousin Sid Dobrin. His application video is amazing! He's amazing! But then aren't most of my relatives? Anyhow, click on the link below and watch his video. The website has been having difficulties with the voting process. You may not be able to give him a 5 star rating but keep checking back. That's what I'm doing. ( I just did a check to make sure my link was active and I could give him 5 stars, yipppeee!!) If at all possible send this link on to others so they can view and vote too! I know Sid will really appreciate it!

Ok, Family. Many of you may have seen Tourism Queensland's "The BestJob in the World" campaign on the news or other web sources. I'vejust received word that my application has been "accepted" in theapplication process. Tourism Queensland expects to accept 30,000applications by the time they close the submission process. At thisstage, web voting plays a large part in applicants moving on to thenext stage of the process. My plea is simple: please view my videoapplication and give me a 5 star rating. The link to the applicationvideo is:http://www.islandreefjob.com/#/applicants/watch/uqViXuJLkcI

Good Luck, Sid!!!!

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