Thursday, February 19, 2009

Were you watching last night?

American Idol, that is. Dan & I were glued to the set. As I've mentioned before we TiVo everything. We came in a little before 8 and fixed us some gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and had just sat down in front of the tv at about 5 'til 8 and the phone rang. My buddy April. In a rant. "If she goes through I'm never watching Idol again!" Hold on sister, I haven't seen the show yet. Okay, call me back. 8pm phone rings. April, "I'm done with 'em, I've had it! Call me after you watch it!" Okay, what would you think? Thank goodness she was just messing with me. I would have probably quit 'em too! Luckily, Danny Gokey did make it through and Tatianna was sent packing. I called my daughter-in-law Mary. Mainly to check on Matt. He was in a car accident yesterday. Not hurt too bad. Whiplash and a dislocated left shoulder that he put back in himself. (the knowledge of how to do that comes from years of rodeoing) He went to the doctor today and has to wear a sling for a few days. Anywho, after getting the Matt update I asked her if she saw Idol. Of course she did. I asked her if she was scared they were going to put Tatianna through and send Danny home. No, she said. I voted for Danny, I knew he was going through!! Smart cookie, my daughter-in-law!

We've been busy at the ole Shamrock today. Dan has been making halters with our names and horses names embroidered on them. He'll use them on the horses that are going to the sale next week. I have been busy taking photos of the halters and adding them to the website. I have been contacted on facebook by old friends wanting to know about our awards and what we have available and what all we can do. I tell 'em if you can imagine it I think we can do it!!! So if you haven't looked at the website in a while check it out. I have been busy this week adding purse, jacket and halter photos! Then after you've browsed around call me or email me and place an order. Operators are standing by..... Call in the next 10 minutes and receive...... uh, sorry I got carried away! Here's a sneak peek at some of our new purses. Click on the photo to enlarge it. Enjoy!

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