Friday, February 13, 2009

Survivor didn't let me down!

I know you're glad I didn't show up today ranting and raving about TV! Survivor was good, especially for a first episode! At tribal council they blindsided the first person voted off for this season, which I think may be season 18! Can you believe that? Yep they voted off the mouthy, bossy, whiney one and kept the older, crazy one! The Mormon bicyclist went skinny dipping as he proclaimed he was not your typical Mormon! I can't wait for Elder Brough and Elder Bybee to come by so I can share this info with them.

Tomorrow is the barrel race at Decaturville. My buddy April is going to take her voodoo stuff and tell us if Kelly and Ned are having a boy or girl. Okay, those Smith's just have boys so this should be a no brainer! Ned and Kelly haven't decided if they want to know the sex of the baby before delivery. April says she must know! She is so sure she must know that she wants their doctor to send her the info and she promises she won't tell anybody!!!! Did I mention that my buddy April is a "NUT"? I guess that's why I love her.....

We've been having some fantastic weather the last couple of weeks, (Thank You Lord!) So I have been riding outside in the outdoor pen. I am very grateful that we have an indoor arena to ride in when the weather is crappy but by this time of year I can't wait to ride outside. I did get cold last night and didn't ride but about 30 minutes. It was 8pm, I was hungry and ready to get in the house!

Update on Kelly's jewelry parties....She is doing fantastic! She has been having some really good shows lately! If you are interested in having a jewelry show (even a catalog show) let me know and I'll hook you up! Hostesses get so much free jewelry it is amazing!!! And, if you are interested in making money you need to talk to Kelly, she has no regrets about quitting her 9 to 5 job and her income is still terrific!

BTW..... I'm loving being on facebook.... Check it out!

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