Thursday, February 5, 2009


In the immortal words of Mork from Ork, "It's colder than a witch diggers brass monkey!" Okay, so Mork got his sayings all crossed up but you get the picture! It. Is. Cold. Good news, warmer weather is on the way. None too soon. I really don't like it when the overnight lows are in the teens like they have been the last couple of nights. It was suppose to go up to the mid 40's today but so far it's not out of the 30's. It is up to 52 degrees here in the store. I am hugging the heater! Tomorrow's prediction is 55 and Saturday is 65! Yipppeeeeee! We are planning on going to the barrel race Saturday! If the weatherman is right and the temp hits the 60's there will be a big crowd!
We have been working on caps all day on the embroidery machine. We have a 5 dozen order and a 1 dozen order that came in this week. The machine is still going non stop! For that I am grateful!
Have you been watching American Idol. We have. This whole audition process is pretty entertaining. I already have a couple of favorites. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they make it to the top 24.

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