Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday is here.....snow isn't!

A little rain, cooler than yesterday and the sun is shining! Soooooo, no snow photos!
We were busy all weekend working at the house and barn. Dan has 3 horses consigned to a performance horse sale the end of this month. He has been riding them every evening, cold or not! He's way more dedicated than I am this winter! He better be getting 'em used to the cold because the sale is up by Chicago. Ned, my favorite son-in-law will go with him. These performance horse sales are pretty neat in that you rope or run barrels (or whatever it is your horse does) on them before they sell. This way you can show your horse and not just tell about them. Matt & Mary will be going also and taking a few. Kelly will come to Alabama and help me hold down the fort! Pray for good weather!
I guess that stinkin' ground hog saw his shadow today!
Happy Ground Hogs Day!
And Happy Birthday to my brother Pat, he's 53 today!!!
I know what you're thinking and yes he is a lot older than me!

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