Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Danny Gokey Nailed It!!!

Danny Gokey

I told you early on he was one of my favorites.... last night on American Idol he proved why. He has talent. He was far superior to the rest of the competition. Did you notice his best friend Jamar was in the audience watching? I wonder if he was thinking what I was... Jamar should be up there singing!! Tatianna tried to change her "personality" but it was too late for me. Her horribel laugh and whining is forever etched in my brain. My favorite girl is Alexis Grace. Her voice is amazing coming out of that tiny body. Another big voice is the chic with the Loretto Lynn hairdo. I like her voice but I can't get past that hairdo. Am I shallow?
Alexis Grace

Today is mine and Dan's wedding anniversary. 31 years today. My how time flies when you're having fun! I know what your thinking and yes, I was a child bride. 18 to be exact. Dan was 21. What were we thinking? I could have waited 'til I was 100 but I wouldn't have found a more perfect mate than Dan! He forgot Valentines and our anniversary so I think I'm seeing that new camera in my near future!! He has been all consumed by the performance horse sale coming up next weekend in Illinois. Maybe his 3 horses will "ring the bell" and we'll have some extra cash. I think I like the way this is going to work out.....

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