Friday, April 24, 2009

Some days are just like that!

Yesterday was a crazy, crazy day! We stayed busy with orders, repairs and embroidery. I'm still a little under the weather but I'm feeling better. I really need to get to feeling better the weather is great. When I left the store yesterday at a little after 5pm Greta's thermometer said 89*. Crazy, I know. At first I thought "poor Greta, her thermometer isn't working," but then I passed the bank and sure enough, 89*. Our last few trucks have had thermometers but not my car. I'm just now getting used to looking up to check the temp. Funny the habits we get into and out of. Today is suppose to be even warmer. This weekend is suppose to be rain free so I will cut the grass. I love cutting grass. I get this from my dad. I think it is his only hobby.

Dan and I have spent a lot of time this week reflecting on the past. You see, our baby boy, our first born will turn 30 tomorrow. It must be something about your children having milestone birthdays that cause you to do this. I guess most of our conversations have centered around the theme of how fast time flies by. And you know it really does. Doesn't the Bible say time is a vapor? Makes you wonder why we worry about some of the insignificant things that we worry about when in the blink of an eye that "problem" will be replaced by something that is probably just as trivial. I was reading last week about a fellow who was having truck troubles and nothing seemed to be going right in his attempt to fix the problem. His wife who was trying to coordinate repair shop visits from hundreds of miles away reported that her husband told her, "it's not really a problem if it can be fixed with money." These are definitely words to live by. I hope I can remember this next time I think I have a problem. You may have to remind me!

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