Thursday, April 2, 2009

It was definitely her time to go.....

Goodbye Megan Joy. You know, tattoo girl from American Idol. You surely didn't think I was really going to skip blogging about Idol this week did you? I liked Megan at first. However, I think that unusual voice and odd style of hers that drew me to her in the first place became annoying after a while. Did you feel it too? I kinda think she was ready to go home too. I guess she knew she wasn't going to win and she had made the tour so why not go on home to her baby. Anoop may be next. I think he's been skating on thin ice for a couple of weeks now. I was a little surprised that Allison was in the bottom 3, do you think it was the outfit? Note to self..."Don't ever put on an outfit like that and go out in public!" My fave Danny Gokey is staying strong. Chris Allen is making progress and climbing the ladder. Scott McIntyre is everybody's favorite. And yes I still like Adam Lambert. It's hard for me to forget his take on "Ring of Fire", but I do like him. And yes, he will probably win the whole thing. But, like Dan says, "he should be that good, he is a professional."

Storms are coming! The area schools have let out early. We are checking the radar fairly often. Apparently conditions are favorable for tornadoes. We'll see. We have false alarms alot. In our neck of the woods anything can happen. If I don't post a blog tomorrow you might want to check on us.

Okay, I found out that some of my blog readers are reading my blog while they are suppose to be working. heehee! This is just fine and dandy with me but work filters prevent them from commenting. Bummer!! Thanks for emailing me with this info. Not sure how this is going to affect my big surprise but I'll work on it. Now if you missed my plea for comments here it is again. I need you to comment so I can check out a few things. If your filters don't allow you to comment let me know that too.

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