Thursday, April 16, 2009


Today marks one year since I started blogging. I began on our other website, Dan & Kay McGee. When I started having trouble posting photos on the other website I moved my blog here to blogspot.
It has definitely been a fun and interesting year. I've tried to come up with something interesting everyday. So sorry that didn't happen. What did happen was that some days I just didn't blog and some days what I told you wasn't interesting at all. Again, I'm sorry. Life is just like that......Get over it.
One important thing that I've come to understand is that whether you are telling about your everyday boring life, one of your exciting adventures, or about how much you love and appreciate your family, you are forced to think about it thoroughly. Not just a passing thought, but a serious how & why is this important to me thought. A lot soul searching takes place in this process. I recommend everybody write a blog for at least one year. It can be great therapy and I'll read it!

I have several friends that I have told over and over to start writing a blog. Finally, Lauren Jarrett took me up on it. There is a link to her blog on the left side of the page click on it and enjoy. Lauren & Kelly have been great friends since they were in Jr. High School. Lauren and her family live in Summerville, Ga. Are you wondering how Lauren and Kelly got to be friends? It's because in this wacky rodeo world we live in you go to rodeos and ropings and barrel races all over the country and get to be friends with kids from everywhere. Okay, back to Lauren's blog. I know it will be great. Lauren is an Ag teacher in Ga. See, it's already got your curiosity peaked. A girl Ag teacher you ask....Yes! I'm sure she could do an entire blog just about her school activities but this is a gal that travels and rides and rodeos and has a lot of interesting things going on. Sooooo, check it out, I know you will enjoy it.

Now, my cousin Kathy would be a great blogger too! I've begged her to write a blog. Never have I known anyone that goes more and does more than this gal. When she traveled to Africa she would send emails home describing their trip. They were fabulous. They were so good the other travelers ask her to send them on to their families too. So, Kathy here is one more request, please start a blog. You can do it from your blackberry!

Have you ever considered writing a blog? It is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends that don't live close and even those that do! Blogspot is FREE so give it a try and let me know about your blog so I can put it on my list!

Thanks for being my faithful blog readers and here's to another year of sometimes interesting and sometimes not so interesting glimpses into my life.

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