Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1000 + miles!

That is what Dan figured he drove this past weekend. It all started on Saturday. Kelly came down for a jewelry show on Saturday night and Dan figured since we wouldn't be home he would go to Scotts Hill, Tn to a horse sale. We used to go there quite a bit. The sale barn changed hands and we haven't been in a while. Saturday after we closed the store we headed home and I started cutting grass and Dan started getting stock ready for the sale. Dan left about 3 o'clock and I cut grass until about 3:30 then went in and got cleaned up for the jewelry party. Once again we had a great time at the party with some really fun folks. We got home about 9:30 and went out to feed then back in to watch the bull riding. For some reason it didn't come on until 11:30 Saturday night and I didn't make it 'til then. I woke up some time during the night and heard Dan & Kelly just talking away. The next thing I remember it was 6am and I thought about our mare that was due on Saturday and still hadn't delivered so I jumped up and started looking for her....still no baby. I went back to bed. I woke up at 7 when the phone rang. I heard Dan talking to Matt. We had made plans to go to Dyersburg, Tn on Sunday to meet Matt and pick up the Zebu calves that Dan would be training for a rodeo act. Dan was telling him we would have to meet him later than planned. This was the interesting part. The night before when Dan went to the horse sale he had taken Ned & Kelly's trailer that they had for sale. He sold it. However, he had bought some stock so the fellow that bought it said just take it on home and bring it to him Sunday morning. Finally we had a plan concocted. Dan, Kelly and I would take the trailer to Savannah, Tn and meet Charlie. Then we would come home and get the other trailer and go to Dyersburg, Tn and meet Matt. Kelly would go on home to Columbia and skip the trip to Dyersburg. When we got to Savannah we met Charlie at the Huddle House. Breakfast. While we were eating Dan said while we're here we should go on up to Crump, Tn (about 2 miles) and check at the Flea Mkt for some paddles for our pedal boat. Okay, lets go. So we went on to the flea mkt. bought a couple of paddles and headed back home. Kelly loaded up and headed home and we hooked up the other trailer and headed back toward Savannah on our way to Dyersburg. By now it is about 11:15 and we still have a long day ahead of us. It is about a 3 hour drive to Dyersburg. We aren't really going to Dyersburg we are going to Obion, Tn. Obion is about 20 minutes east of Dyersburg. Seems further when you've never been there. About the time we get off the hiway at our exit the fuel light comes on so we go into the little town of Obion for diesel and lunch. It was one stop shopping at the Lil General. The only thing open in town. We get to the Mulvaney's (where we are meeting Matt) and wait for another 30 minutes or more on Matt to get there. It was so good to see my baby boy. I haven't seen him since Christmas. He unloaded his stock, Zebu's, a Yak, a Zebra, two mares in foal to a Zebra, miniature horses and a riding horse. Dan wanted the Zebu's that he will be training to be castrated. The Mulvaney's had a squeeze chute there in the pens where we had stock so "Doctor" Matt had to do a little surgery. With that chore out of the way the tack trading began. Watching Dan & Matt trade is always a lot of fun. They are just alike with neither one wanting to give and inch. Dan's dad was quite a trader. The trading gene is very strong. Amanda Mulvany was out there with Payton who is about 17 months old and just a precious little thing. Amanda is pregnant with another baby girl. That doesn't slow this gal down one bit. At 5:30 we are ready to leave, we say our good byes and pull out. A little ways down the road my cell phone rings. Matt. He forgot to give Dan $20 he owes him. Okay we'll go on down to the Lil General and meet you there. We all get to the Lil General and Amanda pulls in (Matt was going to follow her to another farm to look at some yearlings and 2 year olds). Amanda says we passed her husband Lee on the way to town and she is going back for him he wants to see the stock. Okay, we'll wait. After we visit with Lee we decide we'll just follow them to the other farm too. So off we all go. Finally, we hit the road about 7pm. Got home about 10 and still had to unload and feed. We were really tired but it was a good day. And a good weekend. I got to spend time with both my kids and that made all the driving worthwhile. Here are some photos from our trip. Enjoy!
My baby boy!

Ain't he cute?

Payton & Amanda in the ranch ride!


Cousin It?

It was a hot & windy day.

Precious Payton.

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  1. I want that pony, too cute!!