Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I know it's been a while since I posted photos. Mainly because I haven't been taking very many. I do have my list of "spring shots" and I took advantage of us being out Saturday.
We had been to the exotic animal sale in Belmont, Ms and we were coming back up the Natchez Trace around 5pm and decided to stop at Rock Springs and see how high the creek was. To our surprise it wasn't very high so we went along the trail and got some pretty good shots. There were some cool flowers. And, as usual, the foot bridge holds some sort of mystique that I can't resist. The shots of the Iris was taken Saturday morning at my house. I was getting in the car to go to the store when I noticed they were blooming. Out came the camera and I started shooting away! I love the color of my Iris'. The different shades of purple are amazing and the water droplets just added something extra to the shot. I just have one request. Please leave a comment. I am working on the "something special project" and I need to check a few things. Thanks & Enjoy!


  1. Is that Wilbur's blog debut??

    Just a reminder I HATE that alien looking baby tracking thingy!! I'm certain my baby is much prettier than that already!!

  2. No, that's not Wilbur. Wilbur is way more handsome than that guy. I know you hate that widget thingy but I couldn't get the other one to work... Your poor mother is sooooo simple minded. I am also certain that my grandchild is way more beautiful than widget baby!!!!

  3. well duh! I guess you took that pic in Miss. I was just thinking you took it at home...but obviously (and surprisingly) there is not a zebra at your house either!!

    and as you can tell I could see your reply comment!! I will keep checking to see if I can see other comments!