Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Racing & Dancing

I know, I know, this blog has turned into my reality TV blog! So if you're not interested in the Amazing Race and Dancing with the Stars go ahead and click the little x at the top of the screen.
First off, did you see the amazing race Sunday night? It was good! The little brothers Mike and Mark got bit in the butt by good ole Karma! If you don't believe in Karma then you definitely haven't been watching the Amazing Race. Every season we find out just how important it is to treat your fellow competitors with respect. Sunday night they were in Thailand and one of the challenges involved a cart like apparatus. One team member had to pull the cart while the other one rode in it. When they got to the carts they each had a flat tire. Tire pumps were laying out so they could air up the tire before they left on their 2 mile trek. Mike and Mark were the first to arrive and they saw the tire pumps and realized a tire was flat. They aired it up and then proceeded to put all the tire pumps in a box all jumbled up to throw off the other contestants. No other contestants realized they had flat tires. Then they paid their taxi driver to lead them to the next stop. Two no-nos! When they arrived at the pit stop they were team number 1. However, they incurred two 30 minute penalties for tampering with the tire pumps and hiring someone to help them. When they had about 5 minutes left in their hour of penalties the other teams started coming in. The first team also won a trip to Hawaii for being team number 1. Then another team came in and Mike and Mark ended up 3rd. KARMA!!!! It will be interesting to see how this set back affects their abililty to work together and make progress in the next leg of the race. The father and son team came in last and were elliminated.

Dancing with the Stars is really heating up! Ty Murray is definitely the most improved and is looking good! I guess I shouldn't say I think Steve Wozniak is going home because he probably isn't. I have a theory about that. He is a computer genius and he may have rigged the computers that tally the votes. Okay, it's just a theory. Two go home tonight. Will there be an upset? Maybe. Can't wait to find out. Last night was kind of funny when Chuck Wicks was scared to do one of the tricks because he didn't want to hit his head. You know Ty Murray and Lawrence Taylor were thinking "what a sissy, he needs to toughen up!"

Here's a reminder for all my barrel racing buddies. The $1000 added money barrel race is this weekend at Longhorn arena in Tuscumbia. They have a jackpot Friday night and a $1000 added in the open on Saturday and then $1000 added in the open again on Sunday. I will be there Saturday and Sunday trying to get my share of the pot!

Kelly came down today. Chiropractor appointment. We have had a great time just hanging out and chatting. I told her about my big plan for the blog and the website. She liked my idea and I'm sure you're going to like it too! So stay tuned for the big announcement coming soon.

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