Friday, March 20, 2009

Vision Board

Do you have one? You should. Last year my buddy Trina let me borrow her book, "The Secret". I was definitely intriqued. I really got into it. I love that book. I've read and reread it and given it as a gift. One of the things it stresses is to create a vision board. On your vision board you post words, photos, images etc. of things you would like to have happen in your life or something you would like to aquire. You can make one for the whole family or one just for yourself. One of my photos was of a roomba vacuum cleaner. By the way.... I love Ricardo my new roomba. The power of the vision board. I also have words on my vision board. Be Happy, Health, Happiness, Smile Often. You know, that sort of thing. I have a picture of a ring that I want, a photo of a canon Xsi camera and some Hawaii photos. I took my roomba photo off this week and started thinking about what to put on now! Maybe a photo of a minivan.....Ned is not real crazy about this. He has a theory that the majority of accidents on the hiway involve minivans. I think it would be a very convenient vehicle when the baby comes. We can all fit in it to go places. I gave up on worrying about what my vehicle looks like a long time ago. I drive a '94 Blazer. My main driving route is from the house to the store and back again with an occasional stop at Big Star for groceries. However, when my grandbaby gets here I will be making many trips to Columbia, Tn if Ned & Kelly are still living there....and many trips around town if they are living here. So if you see a cool shot of a minivan email it to me. I'll print it out and put it on my vision board. Okay I just had an idea for another photo. Kelly, take a picture of your for sale sign and I'll put SOLD on it and put that on my vision board too!! So, get busy and start making your vision board and let me know how it turns out.

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