Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blog Notes?

I think I need 'em! I always have all these "things" that I'm gonna blog about....until I start to blog. My mind goes blank.

I guess one of the main things on my mind today is from American Idol last night. Last night was "Grand Ole Opry" night, a tribute to country music. The guest mentor was Randy Travis. Randy Travis may be one of the most sincere, kind hearted guys in the business. Even he was speechless by Adam Lambert's rendition of "Ring of Fire". Now, don't get me wrong, I really like Adam Lambert. I am totally impressed by his talent. I just think he made a mockery of what was suppose to be "country music" night. He definitely failed to show his versatility and ability to do different genres. And oddly enough I wanted to hear him do "country"! I think he could do it even if he is totally against country as he seemed convey to us last night. A little advice to Adam....we all have to do things in this life that we don't like, suck it up and do it! Enough of my rant, now onto Danny Gokey. I thought he was terrific once again! Lil was good too! Okay they were all really pretty good, it's a good group this season, no doubt. In case your wondering which one Adam Lambert is I have included his photo!

Well, I was right about Ty Murray. He was "safe" last night on Dancing with the Stars! Belinda Carlisle was sent packing!

Dan and I actually thought it would be between the 2 Steves. Oh well what do we know?

I realized that most of the handbags I have been sneek peaking on here have a western theme and quite a few of my blog readers just aren't that into western. So today you're gonna get a sneek peak at some of the monogram ready bags. If you like 'em give me a call an email or come by and we'll fix you up with a monogrammed hand bag!

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