Monday, March 16, 2009

Lap Top Cases!

If handbags weren't enough now we have added Lap Top cases at the ole Shamrock! They are cool! They came in last week with a new handbag order. I carry a lap top everyday. I keep my photo editing software on the laptop along with my umpteen gillion photos. So when I need to do photographs at the store for the website or whatever I have my laptop to work with. I have tried to keep embroidery stuff and photo stuff seperate but that doesn't always happen.

Today has been a busy day as we were working on an order of breastcollars for a roping & barrel racing series in Missouri. They are finally finished, photos and all. We have also been working on a logo and cap order for "Women on the Edge" a trail riding group in Kentucky. I love their motto.... No Whining!!
I brought the scanner over to use for some digitizing and when Elder Brough came by Friday I asked him if he would set it up for me. Of course he did. Unfortunately the drivers weren't compatible with my new computer... whatever that means. Lucky for me I had Elder Brough here and I got Mike Stephens (my computer repairman) on the phone and they talked and pushed buttons and downloaded and went back and forth for a while. I don't think it works but Elder Brough did accomplish what I thought we needed the scanner for without it! Young gotta love it! I hope plane fares stay low because when Elder Brough goes back to Utah I'll probably have to fly him to Alabama for computer help!

Here are a few photos of our newest handbag and laptop additions. For more check out our website Enjoy

Cowprint Lap Top Case

Ostrich Print Lap Top Case

Giraffe Print Lap Top Case

Black & White Houndstooth Backpack

Black Leather Biker Inspired Handbag

Zebra Striped Tote

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