Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Idol tonight!!

Is it just me or have they intentionally saved the best singers for last in each group? Last nights competition was such a jumbled mess that I really don't know who will make it through. I'm rooting for 'Lil. Then there are some others that I like. I just keep thinking, "you people let Jamar Rogers go for this? Are you nuts?" Now don't forget Idol is on again Thursday night with the judges' favorites for the "wild cards". That should be interesting. While we're on the TV subject.... can anybody tell me why the stations keep showing reruns? One week it will be a new show and the next week a rerun, it is driving me crazy. I miss the olden days when reruns were on in the summer when I was outside and I didn't care what was on TV.

Warm weather is knocking on our door. Today is really nice. 60 degrees. Sunshine. It should get warmer everyday and be absolutely fabulous by Saturday. Yipppeee! We have a barrel race at Iron City, Tn on Saturday and it is so much more fun when the weather is decent.

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