Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baby Photos!

Okay, I don't have any.

I did see some on Saturday though. I must admit I'm not very good at deciphering these ultrasound images. Someone always has to point out to me what is what. However, the one of the baby's foot was obvious even to me. It was also obvious that it was a big foot. Does that mean it's a boy? Don't know. If anyone does know they ain't talking. I suppose we'll just have to guess. My buddy April says it's a girl. Dan says it's a girl. I really don't have a feeling one way or the other....yet! We also got to see a video! That was really cool. His/Her mouth was moving and might have been sucking it's thumb or toe at some point. And no the baby's sex was not obvious in the photos or the video. Ned & Kelly told the ultrasound lady they didn't want to know the sex of the baby. We may have to do a Blog Pool for the birth date and the sex of the baby. Is anybody interested in that?

Sunday was a big cooking day at my house. Ned is the one who usually cooks Sunday breakfast. We had biscuits, eggs, bacon and hashbrowns. Everybody should have a son in law as talented as mine. Just to prove I'm not making this up I have the photos to prove it!

How about Ty Murray last night on Dancing with the Stars? He is definitely gettin better every week. Did you spot Justin McBride in the audience cheering him on? I kind of wish we didn't watch it so late and we could vote. By the time we watch it the voting has already closed. I kind of feel sorry for Steve Wozniak, the computer guy, he's just not making any improvements. But he does seem to be having fun.... I think he may be gone tonight. But, if you'll remember I thought that last week too.
Now, if you live anywhere near Crofton, Ky and you like to trail ride you need to be hooking up with the trail riding group "Women on the Edge"! We just finished doing a cap order for them. Aren't these cool looking caps? Brown with a hot pink design! I love 'em. Their motto is "no whining"! And don't you just love that too?
Okay, tomorrow is the day! My cooking blog... complete with pictures. Don't miss it!

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