Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm Back.....

But my taxes still aren't done! Oh well, maybe tomorrow. I was going to work on them and run the embroidery machine at the same time. That didn't happen. I did get quite a bit done on the machine today. I had several orders come in via the website that needed my attention. So the taxes took a back seat. Now it is almost quittin' time so I'm not going to start on them now, duh!

How about Dancing With the Stars? Poor ole Ty Murray. He can't dance but I still hope he does good 'cause he's a cowboy. He definitely wasn't the worst! Too early for me to pick a fave but I will let everyone know when I do.

Our weather has been amazing. Highs around 80 for several days now. Been riding my horse every day and loving the warm weather more than him. He still has a lot of winter hair. The buttercups are still blooming and the Bradford Pear trees are starting to bloom. It really feels like spring! All that may change tomorrow when the rains come and the temperature drops. From the look of the extended forecast the rains come, stay and don't leave! Bummer! We have a barrel race this Saturday in Decaturville, Tn the last of their winter series. My buddy April is doing real good in the series and I need to be there to cheer her on!

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