Friday, March 6, 2009

Its Driving me CRAZY!

American Idol, that is. As you know we TiVo everything. Last night those crazy folks at Fox TV let the show go past 8pm. Well, my recording quit at 8pm. BUMMER. At least I did get to see them tell Tatianna she wasn't going through. The 3 that I thought would make it through based on the judges reactions were Jasmine, Anoop and Megan. Jasmine was the first to get the good news. Then they had Megan & Tatianna up there together. Thank goodness they said Megan was through and Tatianna was done! It didn't stop her from begging and crying and all that......They cut to a commercial and said they would announce the 3rd choice when they got back. So far I was 2 for 2. I was on a roll. I was telling Dan about how smart I was when the tv froze and the prompt came up to keep or delete this show! By now it's after 9:30 there ain't no backing it up. There's nothing to do but check the website this morning. I log onto their site and I'm greeted with "Meet Our Top 13". Apparently they put Anoop and Matt both through. Interesting. This show just keeps messing with me.

Two weeks ago Kelly and I went to the barrel race. My buddies April and Stephanie were there too. It turned cold and windy. Luckily the facility had plenty of room for us to wait for our run inside. Before we left the temperature was steadily dropping and it was raining straight down. We had a good time though. Here are a couple of our pictures from the barrel race. We're going to a barrel race tomorrow. The weather should be great. Hallelujah!

Kay & Levi

April & TJ

Kelly & Smoothie

Stephanie & Snort

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