Tuesday, March 17, 2009

King of the Cowboys makes a comeback!

Did you watch Dancing with the Stars? If you didn't you missed Ty Murray's big comeback! He really did a lot better this week. He and partner Chelsea Hightower danced the quick step. I feel confident that he won't go home tonight. His mom & dad were in the audience, sitting right behind Jewel. (I wondered if they went early on in case he wasn't any better and got the boot!)

Today I am working on my Grandbaby's quilt. I am using the Baby Animals in Pajamas designs. They are adorable. I will do 9 quilt blocks, each with a different baby animal. Each design has taken about an hour. I started this morning and I am only on my 3rd design. I think I get side tracked a lot! However, one good thing happened when I was on one of my embroidery suppliers website I was checking my order history to check colors for one of the designs when I noticed I had some free designs that dated all the way back to Christmas! It was a gift from the company...cool huh? Okay, back to the quilt. Ned & Kelly have decided that they do not want to know the sex of the baby until its birth. So I have the baby animals wearing pink jammies and blue jammies and heaven only knows what other color jammies. Kelly is in her 19th week now. (See widget to your left) They went this morning for an ultrasound. The ultrasound lady knows the sex but we don't. They left with photos and a video. Dan and I can't wait to see 'em. I'm still thinking about what I want the baby to call me. Any suggestions?

I woke up in the middle of the night last night thinking about how I was going to make a sweet potatoe casserole for my blog. I think that might happen this weekend. I'm thinking I will check tomorrow at Big Star for a turkey breast. Doesn't that sound good? Turkey, sweet potatoes and maybe some dressing......Yummmyyyyy.

I have started working on my "photos I want to take this spring" list. So far I have quite a few ideas. Do you have a list? If not you need to start one. Then when you get some time you can make the effort to get some amazing shots. One of the main topics on my list is another trip to Rock Springs and get some spring nature shots. I have late summer and fall shots from there. Another one on my list is the old Mars Hill Church building. There is a really cool Catholic Church in St. Joseph, Tn that I would like to shoot one day. I also have an idea about an old barbed wire fence. Of course we have foals due in a month or so and that is always good for about 200 or so photos!

Finally, what would a blog from a McGee that owns a business called Shamrock Feed be without a huge

Hope you have a great one!

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