Friday, March 27, 2009

My former life as a fashion model.....

Yes, it's true.
I was actually a hair model.
Glamorous huh?
I still remember vividly the clamor of the crowd. The hustle and bustle backstage as models got ready to walk the runway. The endless chatter. My nervous mother and brother in the audience.
Those were the good ole days.
Okay, maybe it was just one day.
And I was the ripe old age of three!
But I was still a hair fashion model, and I still do remember it!
My Aunt Betty (the one in Alabama) was a hair dresser. She belonged to some sort of hair dresser association. They were putting on this fashion show for hairstyles. It was held at the Royal Avenue Recreation Center. Big, big venue! Each hair dresser drew a month (or 2, maybe) and they were suppose to come up with an idea and style to depict that month. My Aunt Betty drew January. So she decided to ring in the new year with a New Years Baby, or a 3 year old with lots of hair! They dressed me in a little red leotard complete with a white beauty pageant sash that said "New Years". I also wore white majorette boots complete with tassles made from yarn. Don't laugh, that was the height of Fashion. (I know because I am a former fashion model) I came out on the stage, walked the runway went back to center stage and sang the months of the year! Did I mention I was only 3! My brother is 3 1/2 years older than me and mother has told me she thought she was going to have to tranquilize him because he was soooo nervous. He had no faith in me. I shined! I remember at the end of the whole deal all of us fashion models came back out on stage for one last applause. It was amazing! A star was born!
Okay, maybe just a star in my own mind. But it is a wonderful memory. Do you have memories like that? If you do, visit them often & share them with others. Those experiences are what make you so special!

Now, I wanted to go for a week without mentioning American Idol. Sorry I can't. We said Goodbye to Michael Sarver, the roughneck, last night. He was really good, but then, they all are. How about Adam changing his look and taking off the nail polish for Motown week? Do you think he got wind of all the negative feedback from his rendition of "Ring of Fire"? I still say he disrespected Country Music/Grand Ole Opry week. And to top it off I think he could have done a great job with a country song. He is extremely talented! I like him. But after last week I definitely like Danny Gokey better. The other thing that ticked me off was that I wanted Ryan Seacrest to ask him about his appearance change. No time for an interview. They had wasted all their time chit chatting with "on her way to getting sloshed" Paula and "obnoxious" Simon. This show definitely needs my help on how to conduct business. If any of you Fox execs are reading this blog (and I'm sure there are many) call me. I'll be glad to get you back on the right track.....

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