Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The ole allergies hit me, and hit me hard yesterday! I'm functioning very, very slowly today. I hate allergies. And I hate the way I feel while I'm taking allergy meds. It's a no-win situation. I did get lucky with some new meds today. Daddy had a doctors appointment today (regular check-up) . After the doc was through giving him a good report I casually asked him if, as long as all this crap I was blowing out of my nose was clear I shouldn't worry about it being an infection, right? He said most of the time. Then he said, and this is the good part, I'll get you some stuff. He came back with 2 bags full of samples. Three weeks worth! Three weeks worth of the good stuff, not the old ordinary over the counter stuff. The weather is gorgeous and should stay that way through the weekend. I just couldn't stand not feeling good when the weather was begging me to come outside and play!

Now about yesterdays blog entry. Kathy, my cousin who should blog, claims she knew all about the little tab. I don't really know how she would know this because she doesn't cook. As a matter of fact that is what she said. "Yep, I knew about it, but I don't cook.....so I never use it. LOL" I told you she would be a great blogger, she knows something about everything and if she doesn't she knows somebody to ask.

I'm watching the clock today because when we close the store I'm heading over to Mother's for some chicken stew. My Mother makes great chicken stew, and when her little dumpling isn't feeling good it's chicken stew to the rescue. Yummm Yummm

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