Monday, April 20, 2009

Did you know?......

........ about the little place on the end of the Reynolds wrap box? The little place that you can push in and it holds the roll of reynolds wrap in the box? I didn't know about it....not one inkling about it. It's not only on the reynolds wrap box but on the handi wrap, wax paper and any box that has a roll of something in it. I still wouldn't know about it if it weren't for my Woman's Day Magazine. They casually mentioned it and I immediately went to the cabinet and checked it out. Lo and behold there it was. Plain as day. Why had I never seen this before? I have bought hundreds of rolls of foil, plastic and wax paper. I had never noticed this before. I mentioned it in my Pilates class and they too were surprised to hear about it. A couple of gals had also seen the Woman's Day magazine and like me, immediately checked it out. Donna said she mentioned it at Church and a lady friend of hers who is an excellent cook said it had been that way for years...... So much for my "oh, they just started doing that theory." Now I ask you, don't you think something of this importance should be announced in BIG, BOLD letters in a prominent place on the box? Any of us that pull the entire roll of reynolds wrap out every time we need a piece needed to know this. We need things that make our lives easier. We need all the helpful hints we can get.
Am I making too much of this?
I think not!
Now that I know one of the greatest secrets of the kitchen I vow to share it with the world. ( or my faithful blog readers) Did you know about this? If so let me know. I'm curious. Just to prove I'm not making it up I've included photos. Now, if you haven't already, head for the kitchen and check it out for yourself.

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