Monday, April 6, 2009

Sewing & Barrel Racing

Mother Nature is sooooo confused! It is April 6th and the temperature is 40*, windy with sleet coming down and snow is in the forecast for tonight! YIKES! I hate cold weather. I can tolerate it in the winter but April? That is ridiculous!

The weather was beautiful for the weekend and we spent it at the barrel race and sewing. I didn't win anything Saturday but I did on Sunday and was tickled about that. The barrel race was a great chance to visit and catch up with friends that I don't see often enough. When Kelly was down last Tuesday & we went to Hobby Lobby and bought some material to make her some maternity tops. I took 2 years of Home Ec in high school. I learned a lot about sewing not so much about cooking though. The sewing skills I learned have served me well. When my children were small I made almost all of their clothes. I would sew almost every day. Kelly has free time and wants to make herself some clothes. I think this is great. Kelly can sew and has a really nice embroidery/sewing machine that is Disney Licensed, she can embroidery all the disney characters! She just hasn't done any sewing where you follow a pattern. So we started Saturday night after the barrel race with our first sewing lesson. We cut out the pattern. Cut out the material and started in on our first project. We got up Sunday morning and started in on it again. Had to take a break to go to the barrel race. When we got home from the barrel race we finished it up! I was so proud of Kelly and her sewing. I had to take photos of her modeling her new maternity top! Enjoy!
BIG announcement coming tomorrow! Check it out!

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