Monday, May 4, 2009

It's a BOY!!!!

Yep, finally one of our mares had a stud colt!

You didn't think I was talking about Ned & Kelly's baby did you? We won't know if that's a boy or a girl until it gets here. So hang on for about 3 more months for that announcement.

Meanwhile, we haven't had a stud colt yet, just fillies. We were beginning to think our stallion "Earl" was only going to sire fillies. Of course Saturday morning when Dan saw that we had a new baby it was pouring down rain. The mare was a little fidgety so Dan kept his distance and didn't get close enough to find out for sure if it was male or female. I went out with umbrella and all and took a couple of shots keeping my distance. The mama had brought the baby into the shed so I didn't want to cause her to go back out into the rain. We went on to the store assuming we once again had another filly. When we got home I went out to get more photos, of course, and discovered, much to my delight, that our new baby is indeed male. Dan got the mama and baby up in the barn and took care of the tetanus shots and iodined the babies navel. Then it was back outside for the pair.

Once the baby and mama were taken care of it was on to castrating the donkey. Dan & Ned took care of this chore. Kelly and I watched, I did take photos of the procedure. Kelly ask me not to include them in my blog, but I can if you want me to! I've helped Dan and vets with this surgery before. I even castrated my baby goats by myself when I was in high school. Dan should have been a vet and I would have made a good vet's assistant. The patient survived the surgery and so on Sunday Dan castrated "cousin it" the pony. Fair warning, all males at our house should be leary of Dan, especially when he is packing a syringe, knife and masculators.

Photos of the new baby! Enjoy!

Click on photo to enlarge.
These shots were taken Saturday morning.
It was still raining like crazy!

Snack time!

Staying close to Mama!

Head Shots

My favorite photo!

This is the mare we call "the blue roan mare"
She is due any day, honestly I don't see how she's made it this long
she is huge! So be on the lookout for more baby photos! Hopefully soon!

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  1. you dork! I thought you were telling what the grandbaby was!!!!