Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Still Waiting....

..... for the blue roan mare to have her baby. When I look at her I feel her pain. When I look at me I feel as though I am as big as she is. That brings me to my new endeavor. The South Beach Diet. Most of my loyal blog readers already know I have hypothyroidism. A pesky little disease that prevents your thyroid from functioning properly. In the last few months my weight has become a BIG issue for me. Mainly because I feel my health is in danger. Last week I went to the doctor and asked for a complete hormone profile. Thyroid out of whack, again. Just had it checked in February and Doc adjusted meds then too. My doctor wanted me to go on the South Beach Diet and assured me I would see good results. She also assured me that this would be the best course for me and my health issues. I knew I didn't really want to give up my carbs but I also knew that I asked for help, and when you ask for help and someone with more knowledge than you tells you what to do then you should at least try it. If you're not willing to, then you really weren't as desperate for help as you thought you were. I read the book, took notes, and started preparing myself mentally. Dan said he would do it with me. This definitely makes it easier. Yesterday was the big day. Day one. Day one of NO carbs. Now I have a fairly good idea of why I was in such a bad state of health. I was virtually living on carbs. The day went pretty good until about 4 pm. Then they hit. The carb cravings. They hit hard. On mondays I go to Mother and Daddy's and help them fix their meds for the week. When I walk through the door of their house I usually have a cookie or 2. Or sometimes Mother will have some great cake to share. This Monday it was really a struggle for me. Luckily she didn't have anything sitting out. Mother knows how serious I am about taking control of this weight issue and has been very supportive. When I got home it was a good thing I had gotten rid of the cookies, chips and anything else I thought I would cheat with. I would be a cheater. So now I'm on day two! I won't tell you it is getting easier. I will tell you that I like the turkey bacon. I'm also glad that I fixed a turkey breast Sunday evening so Dan and I can eat on that for most of the week. I am optimistic that I will get the desired results. I keep telling myself that the 2 weeks of phase 1 will go by fast. I can't wait for phase 2, I get to start adding carbs back into my meals. I know this probably isn't that interesting for most of you. Sorry. It's what's on my mind.
Have you ever done the South Beach Diet?
Do you have some hints for me?
Can you give me encouragement based on your efforts?
Leave me a comment or email me.
I'll be waiting anxiously!




  2. You can do it! I tried the Zone Diet once, which is very similar to the South Beach diet, and was very successful. Once you get over the hump, it is much easier and more like a life style change than a diet.

    Good Luck! Leah