Friday, May 8, 2009

Are carbs brain food?

I hope not because my brain cannot take starvation. Not for one day and certainly not for 2 weeks. Otherwise this no carb thing is going okay. I'm blaming the fact that I completely forgot to write a blog yesterday on my carb deprivation. I did get caught up in the KFC free chicken thingy yesterday with the Britnell sisters. You see apparently on the Oprah show she informed the audience that she would have a link on her website where anyone ( and apparently everyone) could go and print off a coupon for a free Kentucky Grilled Chicken dinner. Selena Britnell Daniel sent me an email with a link to it. Much to my dismay I was unable to print off the coupon. Never fear says April Britnell, I printed extra, you can have one. Yippppeeee Free Chicken!!!! This was on Tuesday or Wednesday maybe. I had acutally forgotten about it ( carb deprivation again ) until I received an email from April. She was ticked off! And with good reason. She was all primed for her free grilled chicken lunch and when she pulled up to the drive up there was a sign stating that they would not be honoring the coupons. WHAT? NO FREE CHICKEN? It wasn't 10 minutes until I got an email from Selena (April's sister) Basically the same thing happened to her. Now I've got 2 Britnell sisters sending IRATE emails about how they didn't get their FREE CHICKEN.... I've got to tell you it was hilarious. We were cracking up. Selena even fired off a letter to KFC and sent out copies of it. I told them both, I hope I never, ever get in the way of a Britnell sister and her free chicken. I hope they've cooled off by the time they read this. Whew! They were really fired up. It's hard to believe that with Oprahs connections and the size of KFC that they couldn't pull this off. But apparently they couldn't and maybe they shouldn't have even tried. I'm afraid their attempt at gaining new customers back fired, big time! I wonder if that marketing genius still has a job today? I guess I should add here that this problem wasn't limited to Florence, Ala. it was nationwide. Some people did get their free chicken dinner but oddly enough I've haven't heard if anyone liked it.....

Today I went next door and took photos of the most incredible rose bush ever! It is HUGE! It is BEAUTIFUL! And I'm downloading them now for editing. It wouldn't take so long but I put literally hundreds of photos on one memory card. Then when I've had enough of this waiting forever to get new shots downloaded I start using a new card and save that one for my back up. Check back for what I hope are some amazing shots of roses.......

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  1. Hilarious story, well told! haha

    Chris Ligon