Thursday, May 28, 2009

Smith "Summer Home"

Command Central...All the important stuff is here. Notice the "Goal", 36 weeks, that is 36 weeks of pregnancy, that will be July 10th. Ned keeps a countdown of how many more days until then.

Dan brought this beautiful cross. It is a great reminder of the ONE that is really in charge.
Below the cross is the board that visitors and nurses and doctors sign and leave notes on! Isn't it precious? Ned's mom, Betty had this one and another one like it made just for this purpose. She's really smart!

The TV has a dvd/vcr player with it. They also have movies available at the nurses station. Ned & Kelly watch their dvd's of the NFR. (of course) Underneath the TV is the digital photo frame. We load and unload photos almost everyday. That is my little project. From the nurses reactions nobody has brought in their digital frame yet. I'm sure they will now, you know how it is, fad follows me!! We have a calendar hanging underneath the clock. It's really hard to remember what day of the week and month it is in here.
Okay, I know you're wondering how we put all this stuff up on the walls. Push pins! Ned was NOT happy about the idea. I convinced him that we were providing job security for the maintenance man by putting little holes in the wall. He bought it.

Yesterday was the day Kel got her PICC line. When I came back in the room after the procedure Kel said, "look you can hook me up to cable!" It does look like the input and output connections....

The PICC line is why the dreaded IV pole is on the opposite side of the room most of the time now. When I explained to Dan that they would only use the IV pole when giving the antibiotics and the rest of the time she would be free from it. He commented that he didn't know why she needed freedom she couldn't go anywhere anyway! MEN! They just don't get it.....

Monitor! The screen not only shows Kelly's stats when she is hooked up to the baby monitor, (an hour every 8 hours) it also shows what the monitors inthe other rooms are doing. Ned and Dan are hooked on watching. Ned has been known to say, "the lady in room 62?? is having some serious contractions." Kelly has encouraged him to go down and check on her. He hasn't. When I spoke with Dan this morning I told him we were watching the monitor. He responded with, "is the baby's heart rate around 140?" Yes Dr. Dan, it is.

Stuff!! Food, cooler, Ned's bedding, bags, sudoku books, crossword puzzles and about anything else......

Our window is full with books, cards, plants and baskets of food! My view out the window is of the front of the hospital and the parking deck. There is minimal parking in the front of the hospital. I have been lucky enough to park there most days. Yesterday not so lucky. I was on the
3rd level of the parking deck. So when I decided that I would get up EARLY this morning to beat the N'ville speed demons onto the interstate I said, "and I'll get a good park too!" However, I had the radio on and the forecast for N'ville is severe storms today with high winds and damaging hail. So of course Greta the Grand Caravan had to be parked in the deck. I did get on the ground level with not too far of a walk to the hospital. I'm enjoying my new hobby of watching folks out on the street too! I may do a documentary. Or maybe not.

This is Ned's bed. The couch pulls out into a bed! Notice the sewing machine on the left. Ned & Kel have been embroidering burp cloths and Kel may set up a business by next week. She's a McGee through and through. Thats G-mama's rocking chair. I love that chair. I'm in it right now!

Closet space is important here as with any home. We have a nice one......

....and it didn't take us long to fill it up!!!

All in all it's a pretty nice "summer home". We all know it could be worse. Hope you enjoyed the tour of our new diggs. Come by any time. We'll be here!

Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. Keep the prayers coming.
Now your assignment for today is this, Kelly is researching car seats that will be adequate for a preemie. If you have suggestions from first hand experience with children or grandchildren we want to hear from you. Comment or email!
More photos tomorrow.......


  1. I plan on calling my MAJOR contact's tomorrow on the carseat thing. I'll see what I can find out. I do work with a few babies that were tiny but the mom's have not said much about a certain carseat. Well actually, most of them were just lucky to find one at a yardsale. Now is that a hint of what I deal with on a day to day basis. I'll work my magic and touch base tomorrow:)
    Courtney S.

  2. Love the pics! Keep them coming. I would love to come see her, but this is not a good week. I now have pink eye woke up with it glued shut, YUCK looks lovely! Prayers and kisses coming your way CATCH!!!

    Love, Tabby