Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rain, Rain, Rain

We have gone from drought to floods pretty quick! Lots of thunder last night and this morning. All we needed was one more dry day to be able to disk up our outdoor arena and ride in it. This morning it looked like a lake out there! Oh well...I'm not in charge of weather.

Thanks for the comments and emails giving me "south beach support"! I really appreciate it. I have had a killer headache today but I was expecting it. Good news is that I weighed this morning and had already lost some weight! Yippppeeeee!!!

It's been pretty busy at the ole Shamrock today. For that I am always thankful. Tomorrow is shaping up to be just as busy!

Have you ever scrolled to the bottom of this blog page? I have a couple of little tid bits there. One is a diet tip and the other is photography tip. Check it out!

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