Wednesday, May 13, 2009

That Beautiful Rose Bush!

These first two shots do not depict the magnitude of this gorgeous rose bush.
The rose bush belongs to Kathryn Lansdell, my cousin, who lives next door to the store. (I'm sure you know by now that many of my favorite photos have been taken in her yard.) This rose bush is HUGE! (Click on the photos to show them enlarged!)

Here are some random shots of what I thought were pretty roses. The biggest problem I had was the wind. Not a good idea to grab the stem and try to hold it still. Thorns are sharp!

Below is one shot. It has been edited in Picasa (picasa is a free download and is very user friendly)to change the appearance. That's my photography tip for the day. Don't be afraid to alter the shot using the different effects. As you'll see in the photos below some effects are more dramatic than others. Some add color some take color away. Some create a vignette. Some will sharpen a photo. Some add a tint. Some effects will warm up a shot. Don't be scared to experiment!!! They all have an undo button!

The photo below does not necessarily show the rose in its beauty, but I think it makes the rose look fragile. This is the sepia effect. Although it's not the common way to portray a photo of a rose, the more I look at it the more I like it. It's different, it has some mystique to it.
The faded rose.....

The photo below is a beautiful rose bud. I love the greenery in the background.

Then I took it one step further and cropped it!

Suddenly the detail of the bud catches your eye!

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I have. Now go out and find something to shoot and edit and have fun! Then share them with me as I love seeing other peoples work. That's where inspiration comes from.
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