Monday, September 22, 2008

Barrel Racing, Yard Sale & Hawaii

We had a really fun weekend. Ned & Kelly came down on Sunday. The barrel race we were planning to go to in MS was rained out. Of course MS got a lot more rain than we did. But we still went to Central H.S. and got Bar-B-Q plates for lunch. It was a fund raiser for the booster club. Then we went to Mississippi anyway and did some horse trading. When we got home Kelly & I rode and set the barrels up for a little "practice session" while Ned was shoeing a horse. When we got done we went to Chili's for supper and Ned & Kelly headed home. It was a busy day that went by fast......
This coming Saturday the 27th Kathryn and I will be having a yard sale. My proceeds will go toward my Hawaii trip. If you are in my area come and buy my junk!!!!
Next year, October 2009 I will turn 50. In honor of this milestone birthday. I am planning a trip to Hawaii. So far my cousins, Kathy, Dora, Janice H., Theresa and Clara have said they wanted to go. I'm working on a few more friends and cousins to get them interested. If you think you want to go let me know, the more the merrier! I need to really get busy saving my money now! I must come up with a good earnings & savings plan. I have thought about selling a kidney, I mean isn't that why we have two?
I know this is a short post, will try to add some photos tonight!
Have a great week!!!

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