Monday, September 8, 2008

"Dog Days"

On Labor Day we went to Ardmore, Tn to the "Dog Days" flea Mkt. As soon as we turned off the main road we were in line to get into the flea mkt. We were in line for 40 minutes! These are the houses on the road to the flea mkt. they have a HUGE yard sale. The clothes are hanging on the pasture fence. The pasture is home to goats! One sign actually advertises that they have over 200,000 items for 88 cents! At the flea mkt. we bought a camel back chest, some cowhide, some throw rugs [for $1 each], a shamrock cookie cutter and a motorcycle! Ned & Kelly sold another puppy. It was fun but I guarantee you by Monday night I was exhausted!!!
Things have been real busy at the feed store. We are working on awards for a local saddle club and for a junior rodeo association in Tn. Bronc Halters are very popular right now and Dan does a great job with them for awards. We're also doing over & under whips, breast collars and spur straps. If you need awards get your order in early, it's that time of year!
Apparently Blogspot is off limits to some of you as far as accessing the links and leaving comments. I'm glad you can at least see the blog and the photos but I really wish everyone who visits could leave comments if they want to. Please feel free to email me instead at

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