Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Reality TV

If you've followed my blog or know me at all you already know I am a reality TV nut! If you are wondering when do they have time to watch TV? It's simple... we have TiVo. By far TiVo may be one of the greatest inventions known to man! You may be thinking that a DVR is for people who watch a lot of TV. Wrong. It's really for those of us who only have a couple of hours in the evening. We record whatever we want to during the day and in the evenings, then watch it when we have time. We fast forward through all the commercials! So we can watch several shows in an evening. Dan & I love The Amazing Race, Survivor, Dancing With the Stars, and Big Brother. Big Brother is a summer show that is winding down now [we are down to 4 as I write this but by the time you read it we'll be down to 3]. September 22 Dancing With the Stars returns, September 25 Survivor Gabon starts, and September 28 is the new season of the Amazing Race. I can't wait. I really get wrapped up in these things. We have been watching CBS's new reality show, The Greatest American Dog, it's okay, but the judges STINK!! Being a reality TV expert I could help them improve this show. So far nobody has contacted me for my help. I don't want to be on these shows mind you, I just like watching them. I'm counting down the days!!

This evening we went to Mississippi to pick up a male llama. We stopped several times along the way to take pictures. Turkeys, deer and sunflowers. Turkey and deer were too fast for me but those sunflowers were just perfect. We did stop at Rock Springs on the Natchez Trace to find out about the humming birds. They are there now. All through September. This place is only about 15 minutes from the house so I plan to go back. I will call my new friend Charlotte and see if she wants to check it out too. Charlotte came in the store one day to buy catfish floater, had her camera and took some shots of Willie. Charlotte has the exact same camera as me. We immediately became friends. She has been back in the store showing me some of her shots and they are really good. We have been planning to go "shoot" together so this may be a good opportunity. I took some shots of our peacock feathers this morning.....sunflowers and peacocks....enjoy!

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