Sunday, September 14, 2008

River Cruise

This afternoon Dan & I took mine and Danielle's photo's to the fair. On the way over we noticed a huge barge type boat docked at McFarland park. On the way home I said, "let's go by the park and check that out." We did and WOW was it ever cool. It is a river cruise barge. It originates out of New Orleans, LA. Not long after we got there it started pulling away headed to Nashville. It pulled out into the river and then turned completely around and took off. This was really cool to watch. Apparently it comes through here and docks for a while ever so often but has to turn around and head back out because it is too large to lock through Wilson Dam. When Dan & I were looking at it we were talking about how it would have to disconnect to lock through because it was huge. One whole barge section is a series of suites and the other is restaraunts and activities. Good timing on our part and we were glad we got to see it! Here are a few pictures. Enjoy!

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