Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Car Accident

Sunday afternoon my daddy had a car accident. He wasn't hurt bad, just some bruising where he hit the steering wheel. The other driver wasn't hurt. The car is messed up pretty bad. We are waiting for the adjuster to come take a look at it. Daddy has decided he is through driving. This is a load off my mind. I had been concerned about his driving for some time and he was not driving at night anymore. Anyone who has elderly parents, daddy will be 80 in December, has faced this dilema. I hesitated to tell daddy he couldn't drive anymore because that is such a big deal where independence is concerned. Daddy's health has declined rapidly over the last couple of years and I know this depresses him. I guess I just didn't want to add to that by taking his car keys away from him too. This accident may have been the answer to my prayers as far as what to do about this situation. If you find yourself in this position, I feel your pain. My advice is to pray about it.

Last week when I went over to Trina's I took quite of few shots around their place. Enjoy!

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