Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sampling of Cans.....

This is a sampling of some of the mini-rope cans we do. The boys cans are actually cosmetic cases that are made by a rope can manufacturer. The pink can is one we did for Mary, our daughter-in-law. It is called a "kippy belt" carrier. The inside is foam lined. Mary not only uses hers for her rhinestone belts but for some of her better jewelry pieces. They also have a goat string can that has a completely detachable lid. The cosmetic cans do not have a removable lid. We have called these "Daddy Diaper Bags" as they are perfect for the cowboy dad! You might notice that Ryder and Cooper's cans have leather shoulder straps, we do those too! These things come in a big variety of colors. Black, pink, red, lime green, purple, teal, navy and yellow. (maybe more)

Today is the "Trail of Tears" motorcycle ride. It has been raining off and on since this morning we are just hanging out inside this afternoon watching (what else but) a horse sale on TV!
We are planning to go to a barrel race in MS tomorrow provided they haven't had enough rain to call it off. Have a great weekend!

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