Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rock Spring Photo Shoot

The shots below are some random shots from our "humming bird shoot". You may notice there are no shots of any humming birds. We did see 'em, we just couldn't get pics of 'em. They are quick little scampers. The biggest problem though is that the orange flower below is what they are interested in as they migrate through our area and it grows along the water. They tended to stay on the water side of the plant. Bummer, I know. I did get several bumble bee pics and that was fun. We saw a beaver and some kind of duck. There was a huge beaver dam and the back water that is behind it is really funky. Smells bad too. Has a bunch of standing dead trees in it. The bridge is a stone foot bridge that you cross the spring fed creek on. We got some good nature shots and had a fun time. Charlotte is a lot of fun and we look forward to our next big photo outing. If you are in my area and want to go let me know we are going to plan something soon.
Dan & Bradly went to the horse sale last night. Mother, Daddy & I went out to eat. We had a great time. Good food, good conversation .....what more could you want?
Gas, or lack of it is the big story here. Since yesterday morning the lines at the pump have been long. Today a lot of places were closed because they had run out of gas. We did get some diesel this afternoon for $3.99 a gallon at the Kangaroo. All the stations out by us were out. Their diesel pumps are off by themselves. At Kangaroo the diesel pump is right in the middle of the gas pumps so I guess the reason they were out of gas but still had diesel was that nobody could get to the diesel pumps. I need to cut grass tomorrow but I'm out of gas for the mower, darn the luck! Tomorrow I take my photos to the fair, keep your fingers crossed for me!!!! I'll just tell you, I want to win! I want to win at everything I do regardless of how big or small. However, I am so proud of myself for just entering. Sometimes when I think about it I can't believe I am putting my work out there for judging.....Thank goodness they have an amateur division!

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  1. Very Cool pictures and I'm sure the ones you entered at the fair will do great!