Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Busy Day

Monday's & Wednesday's are my Pilates days. I have been in Pilates class for over 2 years now. I am a Pilates believer! So on Monday & Wednesday morning I am at Pilates, stretching, strength training, working on my balance, you get the picture. Today after Pilates I came home to check the mail and feed Willie. I headed to the store with a stop at CVS for stamps and Big Star for bottled water and McDonalds for lunch. The afternoon went by pretty fast. Our side of leather came in that we will use for awards. The awards that had to be ordered came in so we are ready to start production tomorrow. When we got home we loaded the llamas and delivered them, picked up a dog from the lady who bought the llamas and delivered her to a friend. When we got home we saddled up and rode. We fed, filled water tubs and made it in the house by 8:30. When we get in we fix something to eat, watch TV and head to bed. Another day, another dollar.......
I called my friend Charlotte and she is coming over tomorrow after work and we will head out to "shoot" the humming birds. Keep your fingers crossed that we get some good shots. I'm still working on my Outdoor Alabama photo contest entries.
Friday Dan & Bradley will be going to a horse sale so I will take Mother & Daddy out to dinner. This has become a ritual for us. We always go to the same place and always order the same thing. We are so boring!!!! But it's fun.
This weekend I will be taking my photos over to the Fair. When the fair starts Tuesday they will have been judged and we can find out who won what. So I told Dan last night not to make any plans for next Tuesday night as we will be at the Fair! The Fair used to be in Florence but years ago they moved it to Muscle Shoals and I probably haven't been half a dozen times since it moved over 30 years ago. Before when it was in Florence, I never missed and usually went more than once. Funny how we hate to cross that river.......

Here are some random shots. Enjoy!

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  1. That makes me know I've never been to the fair in Muscle Shoals. How many years did I live there? I've been to fairs all over the country and never that one... CRAZY!