Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ferrell Family Reunion

I hope you enjoy the new blog I guess if this site doesn't work out I will find another one. I just have to post photos!!! Enjoy!

This is most of us, I think a few had gone to the lake to paddle boat and a few had left before picture taking time.
My brother Pat is of course the tallest one there. I am to his right behind Kristi and Janice.

This is a very rare photo... It's a Ferrell with his wallet out!! This is my uncle Ewen, Daddy's younger brother. My aunt Betty Ruth is looking on.

The two oldest Ferrell boys. Thomas Roy, left [my daddy] and his older brother Robert. Daddy has gone by Thomas or Tom since his army days, but back in Cookeville around his family he will always be Roy.

My cousin Janice telling our Aunt Lois a little secret!

The remaining Ferrell brother and sisters!
Lois, Thomas Roy, Robert [seated]
Ewen, Glen, Betty Ruth [standing]

My cousin Connie's daughter, Kristi and her boyfriend Josh. I started taking some random shots of them and one thing led to another until we had a mini-session.


  1. Welcome to Blogger girl! Nice family shots of the reunion!

  2. Hey Kay I just learned about your blog. Wow those pictures are fantastic. I enjoyed reading it too. But did you really have to put my pic on it. LOL Ewin... I found it from Betty.