Friday, January 30, 2009

Website update....

I spent most of the morning updating photos on the gifts & awards website, . Check it out. I've added a whole lot more photos and still have more to add. You will notice some really nice professional studio type shots. I didn't take those. I wish I had. I copied them from our bag suppliers website. I'm pretty tickled with myself for figuring out how to do that though! Remember to recommend us to anyone in need of awards or gifts. Check back tomorrow for a weather update on the snow forecast for Monday. Weatherman has assured us he will know more about whether or not we are getting snow on Monday by Saturday. Yeah right! Dan says weatherman will know Monday when he steps outside, just like the rest of us.
Did you notice I changed the baby due date ticker? Do you like it? Did you like the other one better? Let me know with a comment or by email

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  1. Hey Girl! I really like the Shamrock site. Your work is really great! Sorry it took me so long. I'm running myself to death trying to promote my business. Do you have a Facebook page? You should create one and make a business page for your business. I created one for my photography and it's completely free. Could get you some business. XOXO